“Rocketmen” now streaming on Vimeo & YouTube

The indie sci-fI serial adventure, Rocketmen, now boasts FREE multi-platform streaming!

VIMEO (Recommended): Watch in “serialized” format (7 standalone episodes) to fully enjoy the refreshing plot twists, suspenseful cliffhangers, and music by from some great NW Bands!

YOUTUBE: View in the “festival” format (all episodes strung together) if you can’t handle clicking “Play” seven times in an hour.

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“Automata” Now on Dust

Starting June 12, the 5-part independent series will stream exclusively on the sci-fi content platform, Dust, with new episodes released Tuesdays through July.

Watch all the episodes here.

Catch the interview with director Van Alan and the voice of “Carl”, Doug Jones and Check out the Gizmodo review of ep. 1.

Carl, the robot detective from "Automata", surveys the scene.