“She Stoops to Conquer” at Seattle Shakes

It's the farce that'll kick your arse... Basil appears as the mischievous stepson, Tony Lumpkin, in Oliver Goldsmith's lowbrow high comedy that re-wrote the book on classic farce. A practical joke gone wrong, a moody suitor, mistaken identity, bad directions, stolen jewels, class warfare, drinking songs - this one's got it all! Plays March 19-April … Continue reading “She Stoops to Conquer” at Seattle Shakes

“Rocketmen” now streaming on Vimeo & YouTube

The indie sci-fI serial adventure, Rocketmen, now boasts FREE multi-platform streaming! VIMEO (Recommended): Watch in "serialized" format (7 standalone episodes) to fully enjoy the refreshing plot twists, suspenseful cliffhangers, and music by from some great NW Bands! YOUTUBE: View in the "festival" format (all episodes strung together) if you can’t handle clicking “Play” seven times … Continue reading “Rocketmen” now streaming on Vimeo & YouTube